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Floor Lamps

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Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps that will delight you.

DelightFULL’s Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps represent the unique and sophisticated design vision that has characterized DelightFULL throughout the years. Our Mid Century Modern influence is all about restoring the Mid-century era and blending it with what is next around the corner when it comes to modern design. With a twist of other styles like the Scandinavian Coleman, the Modern Ike and the Industrial floor lamp Diana. These styles that also have influenced the Mid century design era helped us to create a unique floor lamp collections of exceptional designs with a modern and contemporary taste.

Explore our Mid Century modern Floor lamps and different styles

With our Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp Collection, we present you pieces with different style influences. One of them is the Scandinavian style, a design movement born in the 50’s that takes influence from the Mid Century Modern floor lamps design while combines the fundamental function and neutral colors with the elegance and the sophistication of our designs. With our minimalist mid Century Scandinavian Lamps Coleman, Herbie and Lee, you can make your rooms look brighter and spacious, always with that Mid Century touch of contemporary and sophistication. The industrial lamps design can be found with a Delightfull classic called Diana Floor lamp a kind of design that brings solutions for problems of form, function and usability with the modern touch of our designers. The sophistication of Stilnovo designs you will find on design pieces like Brubeck and Janis lamps inspired by an Italian wave of manufactured design during from 1950s to the 1960s. Finally our Modern floor lamps, design pieces defined by clean straight lines and elegance, like the greatest Coltrane, a best seller of our Mid Century modern Floor lamps collection.

Our collection can fill any room with an atmosphere of sophistication that is inspired by the 50’s. From straight minimalist lines, that feature either, very straight and geometric lines or round and curved contours, our Floor Lamps create unique lighting environments.

The perfect rooms for a Floor Lamp are obviously, Living Rooms or an Office for instance are great examples. With these kinds of Lamps, you can fill an empty space just by decorating or adding more focus light to a specific area like a sofa or a chair. An Adaptative Light, for example, is always very useful and, if well placed, it will create a great impact on a room’s mood and ambience, while also being a good complement to the main room suspension or plafond light.

Types of floor Lamps

The Torchiere Floor Lamp is one of the most popular and unique types of Floor Lamps. It’s originally from France and it’s a straight and tall lamp that is great for small places. Even though the lamp focus is not so adaptive, the upward ceiling point can generate a massive volume of light across the room, that can light up any small places.

The Three Shades Floor Lamp is a very common piece and it’s displayed in our collection with pieces like Jackson, Simone, Cole and Sinatra Floor Lamps. These types of Mid Century Floor lamp Designs have a clear Stilnovo influence, which is an Italian movement between the 50’s and the 60’s. An inventive design and entrepreneurial innovation, a mix between versatility and excellence, now with a taste of DelightFULL’s design values.

Tripod floor lamps like Evans and Jackson are some examples that showcase our exquisite Floor Lamp Collection that was created to fit in every type of room and to please every design or style taste.

With DelightFULL you will experience a magnificent relationship between quality and sophistication in all our products, that are created by the hands of masters that can build the finest art and design pieces. Alongside our master crafters, our team of designers selects the materials for the pieces, from marble for black and white bases, to brass and aluminum for the body, to a final touch of gold plated finishes that cast an individual and sophisticated Mid Century modern ambience to your room.