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Pendant Lamps

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Mid Century modern Pendant Lamps

Pendant Lamp or ceiling lamp is a modern and a traditional lighting fixture used very often. This one is hanged from a ceiling and a Pendant Lamp, as it name says only has a unique Lamp. You can find in our Mid-Century modern Pendant lamp collection, for example the Ike or the Hanna Pendant lamp . A pendant Lamp can be used in a Kitchen, Living areas, Dining Room or even in Hall or entry ways.

The Different Types of our Mid Century Pendant Lamps

There are different types of Pendant lights on our Mid Century Pendant light collection.

The first one we can find is an Ambient Pendant Lamps, this one brings light down to the places, spreading light all over a big area and can be used with open spaces. To accomplish this ambient effect can also be used multiple pendant lamps across the room instead of just one, this case is very often applied to kitchen islands with two or three Pendant lights.

Task Pendant Lamps are the other type of this lamp you will find available which have a focus light to a targeted area due to a hidden bulb by the shade and it is ideal to light specific areas like a small Kitchen islands, a dining room tables or even on as a bedside lamp, where the Ike could be the perfect example

An important thing to know about this type of lamp is the suspension high, a Task Pendants lamp has to be lower enough to illuminate the specific area, however, the lamp should be above the line eyes, usually 35-38 inches above the counter.


On DelightFULL’s Mid Century modern Pendant lights collection are used the finest materials by our master artisans to do the most unique handcrafted designs. The body lamp is usually made of brass and sometimes steel, always with multiple finishes available, the lamp shades is are also very often composed by brass and aluminum.