Shipping & Delivery


Shipping methods is determined by type of item, packaging, transport, and handling. Shipping rates are calculated based on the weight or size (cubing) of the part.

For a piece in-stock, delivery time is 3-6 business days. 
All other lighting pieces are made by order and require the lead time for products from the Heritage Collection, which is from 8 to 10 weeks. For pieces from the Graphic Collection or pieces with custom requests, the lead time is 10 to 12 weeks.
See each item's product detail page for individual product lead time and shipping service.

DelightFULL is pleased to offer international shipping to any destination worldwide with exception to Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan e Ukraine. Our concierge is standing by to assist you with bringing your order home or delivering it to loved ones anywhere around the world.

DelightFULL packages are shipped via UPS Express Saver®  international shipping service. In case of products in stock, delivery can take place in 3-6 business days. Orders are usually picked, packed and ready to ship within two business days of placing an order . 

A business day is considered to be Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Please note that shipments can be subject to import duties and taxes, which are the sole responsibility of the recipient. Please contact your respective customs office for further information about specific duties and taxes for your country. In addition, we are required by law to disclose the full value of package contents and cannot alter the value of your invoice or receipt.

Please note all transportation services requires the receiver of the goods to verify their status with the carrier upon delivery.
The POD must be signed with reservations subject to verification with/without apparent damage and provided to DelightFULL whenever requested.

DelightFULL will also not be liable for any damages resulting from handling, loading or unloading by people acting on behalf of the receiver. Any transportation of the piece from destination to a second location will forfeit any transportation damage claim.

DelightFULL reserves the right to charge an extra amount (depending on the value cost from the Transportation company) on the transportation’s price if the client postpones the expedition within 3 days or less prior to the agreed departure date.

For orders with the final destination out of Europe, DelightFULL reserves the right to issue the DU (export document) which has a cost of 80 Euros per invoice.

USA - For order shipped by air to the US, DelightFULL reserves the right to issue the DU (export document) which has a cost of $120 per invoice.

Customer wants to make transport with another company. 

According to European Union regulations, any shipment of products outside the European Community requires the issuance of an export document. For the issuance of this document in Portugal it is necessary to have an authorized warehouse, that is, a registered warehouse in the finances and customs. This is because, to issue the export order, the authorized warehouse is obliged to send a legal document to the customs, which only authorized warehouse has the authority to issue it. Customs simply does not issue export dispatch if you do not have a registered warehouse. 


Free shipping orders are delivered-at-place (DAP), the standard shipping method. For a different option or express method of transportation, the customer will have to pay shipping accordingly to his preference.

Free shipping is only valid to the DelightFULL and Essential Home Brands.

In cases that the order includes other Brands then DelightFULL and Essential Home, Free Shipping won’t be valid.


All orders (exluding floor samples) qualify for free shipping.


Above 7500$ on furniture, 5000$ on lighting and above 7500$ on Lighting and Furniture mix.


Above 5000€ on Lighting, 7500€ on Furniture and above 7500€ for Lighting and Furniture mix.


Lighting above 5000€, World wide.

Furniture above 7500€, World wide.

Furniture and Lighting mix above 7500€, World Wide.

If you need more informations, please contact our team through chat, email or phone.


Phone: +351 914 929 927

II. Storage

Storage fees may be applied up to 120€ per m3 per week if outstanding invoice balance is not paid in full and/or shipping arrangements have not been made within ten (10) business days after being informed that the order is ready. The charge will be compounding weekly either in Portuguese or in the US warehouse. If the order is not picked up within 2 months, the pieces will automatically pass to the brand's stock list.

III. Certifications

DelightFULL may provide all of the following services for a special fee – please contact our staff regarding prices: Certificate of Origin, Authentication of Invoices, SASO Certificates, Inspections, Storage and Demurrage, Change of Details on Final Invoice.