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Mid Century modern Suspension Lamps, our Unique Art and Design

DelightFULL’s Mid Century Suspension Lamps collection is defined by sophistication, aesthetic, uniqueness and the handmade crafted design. This style is inspired in the revival of 50’s post war Culture, this collection also has Mid Century Stilnovo, Modern and Industrial influences. This Design movements were also born in the 50’s gathering and generating influences in Mid Century culture inspiring DelightFULL pieces like Botti, Cannoball and Diana suspension lamps

How you must see our collection

DelightFULL’s Mid century suspension lamps collection has available three different types ways to light your rooms. You will get know Suspension Lamps, Chandeliers and Pendant Lamps.

Is a good question think about if is better buy a chandelier, a suspension or even a Pendant Lamp. In first place is necessary understand the differences between all of three.

Chandelier: A chandelier can be defined as a branched and more ornamental lighting fixture, DelightFULL’s Mid Century Chandeliers our design to be sophisticated and to be a spotlight star in any room.

Pendant or Suspension Lamps are more versatile, they can be placed in any room, Chandeliers has a bigger size, for that reason cannot fit well in every living room areas or dining rooms.

To consider buy a Chandelier for a living room for example you will need to consider the room dimensions, in function to that you must select the chandelier with a perfect size.

For a Dining room you must avoid a Chandelier larger than your table width, the same rule applies to larger suspension lamps. The Chandelier must be hanged approximately with 34 inches (86cm) over the table.

Suspension Lamp: The main difference between a Suspension and a Pendant Lamp is that the first one can hung many lights while the Pendant only have one. Suspension also doesn’t have in some cases the ceiling or have smaller one holding. A suspension Lamp has bigger dimensions that the Pendants and is also very used in Living areas, Dining room, Bathroom or Bedroom. In this case can be a great option if you don’t have enough room space for a Chandelier of bigger dimensions.

Pendant Lamp or ceiling lamp: This one is hanged from a ceiling and a Pendant Lamp, as it name says only has a unique Lamp. You can find in our Mid Century Pendant Lamps collection the Ike and the Hanna Pendant . A pendant Lamp can be used in a Kitchen, Living areas, Dining Room or even in Hall or entryways. Pendant lights are the ideal solution illuminate a specific and small area, called as task Pendant lamps, however also used as an Ambient Pendant light for medium or small rooms like Kitchens, bathrooms or small lobby’s.