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Table Lamps

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Mid Century Modern Table Lamps that will delight you. 

Table Lamps design have a huge Mid Century Modern Influence, with a touch of a unique way of thinking that is present in the design of these piece and that reflects DelightFULL’s vision. Our designs are all about restoring the mid century era with our eyes set on the future, while also being deeply inspired by the mid century culture. From straight geometric lines, bold curved bulbs and metallic finishes, our Mid Century Table Lamps create unique lighting environments that add that 50’S inspiration touch to our modern design senses.

Looking at our Mid Century modern Table Lamp collection, you will find very different styles and types of table lamps that will fit perfectly in the room ambience that you imagine.

The major advantage of Table Lamps is the creation of a focus light separated from the main light of the room, for a good night of reading for example. Aside from the obvious utility of these lights in offices or bedrooms, you can always use them in other living spaces as decoration pieces, with our customized types of Table Lamps.

For your Office, you will find Desk Table Lamps like Marcus, which can create a more intimate and professional ambience, always with that Mid Century modern sophistication and taste. In this section you can also find other Mid Century Table lamps style influences, like our Modern Marcus Table lamp or the Industrial influence, represented in our Diana Table Lamp.

For the Living Room, our designers thought of pieces more intricate, sophisticated and glamorous, capable of being able to brighten even the most hidden corners of your room. Living Room Table Lamps like Turner are not made to be the star of your living room, but will, for sure, be noticed and will highlight any corner of that space.

For a space like the Bedroom, where you might spend time reading a book before going to sleep, you can find appropriate Bedside Table Lamps like Miles or Donna. Beyond this utility, these will always be Unique Table Lamps that will fit perfectly in a sophisticated and Mid Century modern design ambience.

Also a great option to consider for this propose is our Floor Lamps collection, where you will find incredible designs for a different decoration but with the same functionality you may need for a desk lamp or a bedside lamp.

DelightFULL’s Mid Century Modern Table Lamps collection is designed and created with the most exclusive and finest selection of materials like brass, marble, aluminum and steel, combined with a wide range of finishes and colors, that will fit in every room and be appreciated by different tastes.

At DelightFULL, we value the relationship between quality products and sophisticated design, created by the hands of masters that create Art and Design. We can also blend Mid century modern with design spaces, Modern, Stilnovo and Industrial influences that can be noticed in our famous Unique Table Lamps, Coltrane, Billy and Diane.