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Wall Lamps

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DelightFULL’s Mid Century Wall Lamps Uniqueness, Art and Design

DelightFULL Mid Century Modern Wall Lamps are lighting piece you just cannot miss nor forget, they have a wide range of functions, to be a decorative feature, is the light which provides more safety to your house, can be a task light at a Bedroom or even as a light support for art pieces in a hallway, stairway or a larger room. Wall lamps are fundamental for a good house lighting scheme, obviously not so important and dazzling as a living room chandelier or suspension, but also important to turn your rooms into more inviting, brighter and larger places. Wall lamps are placed above the head and also have critical importance in our Mid-Century House décor style.

Know more about our Mid century wall lamps collection

DelightFULL Mid Century Wall Lamps are unique pieces, that are designed and handmade crafted by our master artisans. Our Wall lamps are also very versatile pieces, that fit into almost every room setting, however, they can be quite indicated to hallways, stairways, bathrooms, bedrooms, large rooms or a house entry.

Different Wall Lamp Types and Styles

DelightFULL’s Mid Century Wall Lamps collection is defined by sophistication, aesthetic, uniqueness and by a handmade crafted design. This style is inspired in the revival of the Mid Century culture, this collection also introduces the Mid Century Stilnovo, Modern and Industrial influences.

Wall Lamp Types

There are different types of wall Lamps that serve different purposes in your home.

Upwards Lamps – These Lamps are prepared and indicated to provide a more intense lighting atmosphere.

Downlights Lamps – Downlights can be a better solution to get a better ground or wall illumination.

Task wall Lamps – These types of wall lamps are indicated to provide a better focus light for a specific area or object.

Multiple and adjustable bulbs - In some particular cases, these Wall lamps can have simultaneously Upwards and Downwards lights, with multiple arms or bulbs, these can be also adjustable to focus a specific area or object.

The ideal Wall Lamp for the right place

A Wall lamp like Miles can be a good option for a Bedroom or a bedside table lamp, this kind of lamp usually gives a downwards focus light that allows for a good read before a night of sleep.

A Wall Lamp can be considered the best option for hallways or stairways. A stairway wall lamp could be one of the most important type of wall lamps, beyond the fact that they are a great decorative element, these ones have the function of lighting the staircase to help you get around your home without any sort of accident.

A Hallway Wall Lamp for a dark corridor, has the useful function of, not only illuminating the darker places or corners but also, helps you into turning your home a more inviting place for yourself and your guests.

Wall lamps are also an indispensable lights for the outdoor decoration and safety, for that reason DelightFULL presents a exclusive collection of aesthetic and modern Outdoor wall lamps available for you.

Materials and Finishes 

The most unique and exclusive Mid Century Wall Lamps are designed through the effort of all of our design team and are crafted by our master artisans, that turn ideas into reality, with their unique handcraft skills. The materials used in our Wall Lamps collection are Aluminum, Steel, Brass and textile, with multiple product finishes available to our clients, so that they can choose accordingly.