Why DelightFULL

DELIGHTFULL’s world is about ambiance, history, moments that stay forever through lighting designs created by our artisans with wisdom and passion for craftsmanship. It is a know-how culture combining the past Heritage of handwork with attention to emerging needs of the future.

Inspired Brands

Our design pieces transmit the Jazzy lifestyle of the 30's,40's,50's and 60's.

A young, passionate,
and design-driven team

We have an eye for sleek lines, iconic shapes and a sense of a cool.

You cal always get
what you want

We offer you multiple combinations of finishes,materials, and colors

Our lead time means
more success for you!

Our short lead time allows designers to be more flexible and creative, preventing them from losing projects, and increase cash flow.

We can be a part
of your life

Our piece are available for worldwide shipping and in the finest interior design boutiques and the finest lighting stores

We like to celebrate design
with friends!

We run with the wolves! We are part of the Covet Group which allows us to provide you the best design solutions in the world.

Handmade in Portugal

DelightFULL skilled artisans manufacture the most dazzling Mid-century furniture, which means every single piece is unique since it is created individually.